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A Mangosteen Queen Testimonial for Animals and Mangosteen Juice
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A dog suffering from a horrible skin malaise is helped  by mangosteen juice. A dog miserable because of a horrible skin malaise before taking mangosteen juice.
Bailey has the most loving owner a pet could ever wish for. She was given the best of care, ate the best dog food money can buy, and was taken to a Veterinary Clinic regularly. Nevertheless, Bailey lived in misery. She smelled terrible and looked terrible. Bailey was lethargic and judging from the way she looked, she must have been in this condition for a long time. Bailey's owner made her wear a protective head cone to prevent her from chewing on herself. The pictures above and below were taken during the month of December, 2008 before Bailey was given Mangosteen Queen Juice.
A dog that was miserable due to a nasty skin malaise is npw recovering frpm it was helped by mangosteen juice. Hair is now growing on a dog that was miserable due to a nasty skin malaise. This animal which is now better was helped by mangosteen 
After drinking Mangosteen Queen for only one week, Bailey's wounds were healed and to my surprise was greeted by her in the hallway. These pictures were taken within two weeks after pictures of her while in misery were taken. Bailey had at this point nearly finished the first bottle, and no change in her diet was reported by the owner. Note that this dog is now more alert and hair on her legs were beginning to grow.
Nearly a month went by after taking her first drink of Mangosteen Queen Juice, Bailey's hair growth is well pronounced and she is back to her normal playful self. I left this dog another bottle of Mangosteen Queen because she loves the taste so much and it will help her even more.
Even cats and other animals are helped by mixing mangosteen juice with their food.
This is Max the cat. Every so often for no apparent reason Max would yelp a very loud startling meow indicating an animal in severe pain. The owner of this cat was so concerned for him that she would drop whatever she was doing to accommodate him.

Max then drank the Mangosteen Queen out of the bowl before it was served to Bailey and shortly after he too was relieved of whatever was ailing him**.
Mangosteen Queen Ltd---All Rights Reserved.
Mangosteen Queen Ltd---All Rights Reserved.
Mangosteen Queen Ltd---All Rights Reserved.
Mangosteen Queen Ltd---All Rights Reserved.
Mangosteen Queen Ltd---All Rights Reserved.
Dear Viewer,

Testimonials give revelation to how well a product works. When you listen to a testimony, it is someone else's experience we are relating to.

With animals we must not only think about our testimonial, but as well as their testimonials too. Since animals are not able to neither relate nor communicate their thoughts as well as their feelings, a video of them taken during an illness and after treatment is essential to serve as testimonial. You can see how well or how good an animal is feeling from their pictures. You can see sadness and misery as well as happiness. This is why Mangosteen Queen has dedicated a gallery solely for animal testimonials.

When I talk about animal testimonials I want to talk about birds, reptiles, as well as fish too; especially the ones in captivity. They too may very well benefit from mangosteen if someone develops food mixed with mangosteen suitable for them. However, any living creature that drinks water, I would think that pure mangosteen juice would suffice.

We hope that you were pleasantly surprised to see how well mangosteen juice works with animals. Perhaps in your travel you may see an animal that mangosteen can help. This is our initial gallery of animal testimonials. And of course we only use Mangosteen Queen Juice**.

I believe that our current knowledge of mangosteen has only begun to scratch the surface. Maybe in the future a more holistic approach to treating or preventing an illness will become more prevalent, rather than on a venue that is invasive.
To those who have used or intend to use our Mangosteen Queen product please share to us your testimonials. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Cordially Yours,

Joseph Routis, Mangosteen Queen CEO
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To Whom It May Concern,

The pictures above show a dog in agony. However, it is not an uncommon disorder that cannot be healed.

This is Bailey. She has the most loving owner that always tend to her needs. Bailey is given the best food a dog could ever want. In spite of good care and periodic veterinary visits, this animal was miserable. Bailey would chew on herself until her skin became raw and has to wear a protective head cone to prevent this from happening. Bailey was lethargic and also smelled very bad due to her sickness. She is only seven years old.

If you are a doctor perhaps you are already more experienced than other doctors at using a holistic approach, and would like to broaden your ability to help others even more. Let me introduce to you in case you have not heard or read about a truly magnificent fruit that comes primarily from Southeast Asia. This is a fruit that has been used medicinally for hundreds of years, and recorded history dates it back as far as the Ming dynasty. Few people are aware of its healing qualities though. “Queen Victoria” revered this fruit as her favorite. And in some areas of the world it is also known as the "Food of the God" or “Queen of Fruits”.

I am talking about the only substance that can be found in nature which has the highest Xanthone content; the lion’s share, bar none. It is called the Mangosteen. Xanthones could be described as anti-oxidants that help neutralize cell damaging free radicals which circulate in our body. The effect when mangosteen is ingested is that of a near miracle healing of the entire body. Mangosteen aids by strengthening our immune system, plus it gets rid of or reduces inflammation and other body ailments. It is not only great at detoxification, but possibly the very best at it. Mangosteen during clinical trials has proven to kill intra-cellular bacteria and other stubborn diseases like human colon DLD-1 and SKBR3 breast cancer cells through apoptosis. This capability alone to fragment the DNA of tumors makes the Mangosteen worthwhile of your investigation. Side effects tend to be: we sleep better, feel better, and look younger. Yearly bouts with the flu or allergies that come like clockwork completely disappear just by drinking mangosteen juice sparingly.

What does this have to do with dogs or cats you may think? Mangosteen juice works for both in human and animals. Bailey was healed about halfway through the first bottle of Mangosteen Queen, which is what I personally drink. But Mangosteen is not considered a drug, and neither is Mangosteen Queen Juice, but works as a natural medicine.

The scientific name for Mangosteen is Garcinia mangostana L., and Mangosteen Queen is made of pure and natural organic certified garcinia mangostana whole fruit only. It is flash pasteurized and bottled right here in the USA.

Since mangosteen is a fruit it does not undergo the same efficacy a drug would as required by the FDA, hence cannot claim to treat, prevent, or cure diseases. The proof however, is in testimonials.

Incidentally, during the first month of Bailey's treatment, her owner was given one 32 fl. oz. bottle of Mangosteen Queen. Bailey was administered 2 to 3 fl. oz. of this undiluted mangosteen juice twice daily where she drank it morning and night. To suit an animal’s taste, the mangosteen juice can be mixed with canned or fresh food.

Dear Reader, I believe that once you try our organic mangosteen juice product, or if you are a doctor; in your practice, it will delight you with positive results.

Thanking you in advance, I remain.

Sincerely Yours,

Joseph Routis, CEO
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Discover The Power of Pure Mangosteen Juice!
Only Mangosteen has the lion's share of Xanthones found in nature!
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